Friday, March 26, 2010


I will be gone for a few days so I will post when I get back. I got in contact with the state climatologist and he agreed to do a talk for the society on global climate change. Dates are first week in August. Either the Thursday or Friday. Let me know what you prefer. It should prove to be an interesting talk and a lot of members expressed desire in having such a talk. There was an interesting debate involving Deepak Gupta, Sam Harris, Michael Shermer and another lady who I didn't catch the name of. It was on Nightline ABC on March 14. You can catch it on the nightline site or Michael Shermers Skeptic or Sam Harris site. It was very interesting how Deepak kept using woo and when Sam and Mike pointed it out how he acted hurt. The lady didn't even attempt to go into woo. The debate was on the future of God. Deepak used vague and fuzzy words and thoughts, even trying to invoke quantum mechanics as most woo practitioners do. The interesting thing is that in the audience there was a theoretical physicist, who is currently writing a book with Stephen Hawking, who called Deepak out on it. It was fun to watch Deepak squirm. Anyway catch you next week.

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