Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skeptic v Holy Man

Reported in the Times today from U.K. Mr. Edamaruku met Holy Man Pandit Surender Sharma on Indian TV. Mr. Edamaruku is head of the Indian Rationalist Association with over 100,000 members whose purpose is challenge and expose the gurus and other holy men in India. He met the holy man and the challenge was that the holy man by his powers of the mind will kill the skeptic on Indian TV. Millions tuned in. After some magical incantations, arm waving etc. nothing happened. The skeptic was still alive. Then the holy man that he need to sleep with a woman, drink some alcohol and some other nonsense and then it would work. Again nothing happened. The skeptics of India go all over exposing the hoaxes, frauds and lies of the holy men. The holy men charge money and get wealthy at the expense of the ignorant poor in that country. Often the politicians use the holy men also, so it is not surprising that corruption is also rampant in that country. The holy man accused the skeptic of praying to the gods to protect him. The skeptic said no he was an atheist. So this is skepticism in action. Kudos to Mr. Edamaruku and the Indian Rationalist Association. Apparently the show is on Youtube. So check it out.

Skeptical DoDo

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