Sunday, March 21, 2010

BS in Minot Hurting Patients

A person in the hospital has metastatic cancer. He has seen an old doc here in Minot who had his medical license revoked years ago, Dr. G. This gentleman was getting coffee enemas to cleanse his liver according to the patient, as what this doc said. Charging him money for this. This so called medical practitioner also said his metastatic lung cancer was due to the stuff on the hardware that was used to repair his hip few years ago. This individual quite smoking one year ago, but otherwise had over 40 pack year history of smoking. There is clear scientific evidence that smoking causes lung cancer, not the stuff to clean off the hardware or the cement of the hardware in his hip. He has also gone to see an integrative medicine specialist in California for herbs and other voodoo to fight his cancer, which he had to pay for. Lung cancer is a bad disease with almost universal lethality. We know what causes it most of the time. Treatment may buy time, but two year survival is terrible. What is sad is that a once good doc here in Minot is practicing medicine, voodoo medicine, without a licence. The patient has paid him a lot of money and the integrative medicine specialist in California a lot of money for nothing, no benefit what so ever. The only benefit went to the quacks who used his desperation and emotionally vulnerability to milk his bank account. Some say what is the harm. The harm is offering bogus treatments and taking money for something that does no good and may do harm. In fact this individual skipped proven treatments to get these so called treatments. Thereby harming him and his family. It just makes my blood boil with the feeling of injustice done to this poor gullible man by quacks. What he needs is compassion and a little human understanding and not trying to sell him BS.

Skeptical DoDo

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