Monday, April 26, 2010


This is going to be busy week for me, but I had time to reflect on last week. Dr. Hector Avalos had a very good talk. I was a little disappointed than no preachers showed up, as I heard that some would for a chance to debate him. Possibilities are that they were too busy, I doubt that, and when a real scholar and expert is available they don't really want to expose their lack of knowledge or expertise to the general public. The ones that cry the most and make the most noise usually have the least knowledge or logic to a real intellectural debate. To be true there were some religious ones there and they did ask questions. Some left, probably he was saying things that they didn't want to hear. But the mark of a real couragous person is one who will listen to the other side and try to defend his or her side in an intellectual crossing of swords. This is done all the time in science and other academic disciplines. The idea is attacked, but never the person and that was what Dr. Avalos was doing. It also underscores something else, the religious, even if the tone is cordial then cry about being bullied, or the other side is too abrupt, forceful etc. Which is really hypocritical in that they portray that all the time in their sermons, adertisements etc. I think this opens up a window on to the psyche of the religious or the ones who really are intolerant because they cannot tolerate other opinions. What I find also interesting is that they also say they are the most tolerant. This is really a psychological argument they are using for themselves to justify themselves, as history shows the opposite. Just some reflections.
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