Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tinnitus Scam Product

There is a product being sold on TV (military channel for one) and on radio that is a scam at the get go. It is called Quietus and it suppose to be for tinntus. Tinnitus is a persistent ringing or sound like thousand crickets chirping in your ear or ears. It is usually do to sound trauma, like gun shots over the years, loud music, and loud machinery sounds. This affects the inner ear and gives these annoying sounds. When you are awake and focusing on something usually you don't notice it. However, when it is quiet you may and probably will. Sometimes it can be due to more serious conditions and should be checked out by a qualified health care provider. Recently there has been this product that is getting a lot press, especially on the blogosphere. The advertisement has ancedotal evidence (that should raise a red flag there because ancedotal evidence is the worst kind). It also says it is proprietary formula has been shown in scientific tests to work (proprietary refers to they don't want to tell you what is in it or how much). It has been described as a homeopathic herbal supplement. Now that is a lot of BS! First homeopathic means nothing in it and the active ingrediant is a plant supplement. But homeopathic and herbal supplement is a hot selling terms now for the gulliable. The product home page is the only one active, the other pages have been disabled. They offer a risk free trial, ie pay a small amount for 30 days. But then they suck you into a 60 day supply for $119.00. Then they try and sell you legal and buyer services. Be careful with this product. If you have acute, short term tinnitus see a doctor. If yours is due to sound trauma over the years you can try some white sound at night in your bedroom, like those littel water falls or the sound of a fan going.
Skeptical DoDo

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