Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Tinnitus Product

After the last post in today's paper on a 1/2 page advertisement stating:"Vietnam veteran makes scientific discovery that will finally silence the ringing in his ears." It goes through what tinnitus is and then boldly states that "Finally a Solution is Found". A Mr. Mel Lambert created the product "Ring No More". And he states that it is a homeopathic solution to the problem. He says it is safe and effective. Yeah, effective at parting money from the gullible. It is also a proprietary blend of quality ingredients. And it is approved by the FDA. First if it is proprietary they don't want you to know what is in it. Yeah, all the ingredients may be approved individually for nutritional purposes or not. You cant tell because he doesn't list them. All alternative medicine products state that theirs works with your own body to naturally heal through its own processes. This is pure gobble gook. Homeopathy was first proposed by person in the 1700s. It states that like cures like. And the more dilute it is the more powerful. In fact they like dilutions so dilute that you will not find one molecule of what ever is suppose to be the active ingredient in the product. But that is OK because they say that the water has memory. Oh, really? Prove it! Homeopathy has been tested since 1835 in a experiment in Nuremberg Germany and was found to be bogus then as it is now. Oh I forgot to mention there is a "Special One Time Promotion" and if you call now you will get a 30 day risk free supply. Do yourself a favor, look at my previous blog and get real medical advice on what to do or call your doctor, not some quack.

Skeptical DoDo

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