Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hitchens Is Ill!

Christopher Hitchens made an announcement yesterday that he has canceled all further of his engagements until further notice. He has something wrong with his esophagus and must start chemotherapy. He is one of the best known of the new atheists and fantastic debater. This sounds like esophageal cancer. He has been a long time smoker and drinker, and those two habits are known to be associated with esophageal cancer. This is sad, because the prognosis is typically terrible for such diseases. I have met him once in 2007. He is a genuinely nice person and fun to be around. We wish him all the best. No prayers though please. He has written an auto biography recently and I haven't read it yet. This makes me all the more want to get it and read it. Best Wishes Chris!
Skeptical DoDo

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