Monday, July 19, 2010

Senator Dorgan Responds

Here is a letter that Senator Byron L. Dorgan wrote July 14, 2010 in response to my inquiry about CAM being included in the health care bill.

Dear ______
Thank you for your email about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) provisions in the health reform law.

The health reform law was designed to put Americans back in control of their health care. That's why thousands of Americans across the country participated in community discussions about our health care system during the health reform debate. Based on reports from these discussions that were sent to the Administration's Health Policy Transition Team summarizing these groups' opinions experiences and ideas, including support for CAM, these provisions were included in the health reform law.

It has been reported that 38% of adults and 12% of children are using some form of CAM in the United States and pay nearly $34 billion in out-of pocket costs for CAM treatments, totaling 11.2% of the total out-of-ocket health care expenditures in the United States. That said, I appreciate hearing your concerns with the provisions, and I will monitor their impact closely.

Thanks again for contacting me, ______

Byron L. Dorgan
U.S. Senator

Let me hear your comments on this one. It sounds like if that is what the people want we will give it to them. Sort of like, if person wants poison lets give it to him. Or if you want to waist your money ok.

Skeptical DoDo

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