Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hitch 22

Christopher Hitchens is probably one of the best debaters I have ever seen. His command of the English language, his understanding of various other subjects from science, history to religion and politics makes him a formidable opponent in a debate, or a hero to rationalists every where. His recent announcement of having treatment for a serious disease, thought to be esophageal cancer, has been a blow to the fans. We all deeply wish him well, but no prayers please. To better understand the man, who is only slightly older than I, one must not only read his classics but also one must understand his thought processes. This one can do in his latest book, an autobiography called Hitch 22. It is a masterful work of prose that exposes those thought processes. And if one cannot agree with him on all his stances, one can understand and admire his way at coming to those ideas via this book. I was impressed with the number of notable people that he knew, knows or has met. His sense of humor is beguiling. His compassion for his fellow primates is to be admired. Having met him once, and briefly at that in 2007, I truly wish that I could have gotten to know him better and longer. Christopher for what ever it is worth, your wit, ability with prose, and understanding of the human condition has truly made this world, if not a better place, at least a more interesting one. Get Well. The book goes into the book store recommended reads.

Peace Skeptical DoDo

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