Saturday, July 17, 2010

Woo How to Book

There is a company that supplies books to order. It has a stand at my office and lot of the staff will look at and sometimes order books from them. I noticed one called "Natural Healing Wisdom and Know-How" complied by an Amy Rest. It is published by Black Dog and Leventhal Publishing out of New York. According to what I can find on google, this publishing house does primarily "non-fiction adult and juvenile reference, cooking, general non-ficton promotional and trade paper backs". I picked up the book and just glanced through it. The other name for the book is "Useful Practices, Recipes and Formula for Life Time of Health". On the cover it claims 7,498 charts, lists, tips, instructions, diagrams and illustrations. In the table of contents we find naturopathy, herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy and essential oils, eastern healing methods, energy healing, flower essences, mind-body healing technology, healing with food, nutrition, diet and supplies and other healing techniques. It gives instruction on how to make some home remedies, such as homeopathic medicine. Some of these I heard of and some I haven't, like flower essences and in the book one on the healing effects of colors. The healing color section was amusing, for one part concerned color healing for the face. It listed a "Dr. Leing" who claimed that some colores used to treat the "chaka" can be need to treat 7 areas of the face and correspond to the 7 "chakas" Here is a listing of the colors and their areas of effect. 1. Red is for the chin, jaw and lips, 2. orange is for inside the mouth, gums and teeth, 3. yellow is for the throat, 4. green is for the nose, 5. blue is for the eyes, 6. indigo is for the ears and 3rd eye (?), and 7. violet is for the crown (?). I then looked at the reference on homeopathy and it acknowledge the problem with scientific medicine, but then went on to make an extraordinary claim. "Recent double blind research also conclusively demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in treating particular diseases". It does? Since when and where is the reference? I could not find any references to any of it any where in the book. Which is the mark of woo, they make bold claims, but no supporting evidence. The color thing was funny and I have no idea what a '"chaka" is. It didn't bother to define it. Which is another mark of woo. Stating something and not defining it. It is sort of like the idea of the soul. What is that exactly? Very fuzzy descriptions and nothing testable. The irony is that this publishing house says it publishes non-fiction references, I would like to make the observation that everything in this so called reference book is FICTION.
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