Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Anti vaxers Committed Fraud!

The star of the anti vaxers Andrew Wakefield is having a really bad start to the new year. The British Medical Journal has come out saying that he perpetuated fraud with respect to the MMR vaccine causing autism. Thanks to the investigative journalist Brian Deer who doggedly stayed on focus digging into the rotten underside of one of the worst hoaxes, frauds in medical history. He found that the trial lawyer Richard Barr paid him 435,643 pounds plus expenses or $674,000 to come up with something that he could use to sue the vaccine industry. Now I am no friend of big pharma, but there are controls on that industry in contrast to the alt meds people. But Wakefield rigged his study by shaping data and falsifying medical histories of children, in short concocting a picture that was pure hype and BS. The BMJ's editor Fiona Godlee stated none time in the article that he, Wakefield did fraud. According to Jenny McCarthy Body Count site from June 3 2007 to Dec 18 2010 72,475 children got disease that they didn't have to and 622 have died because of this fraud. Now the anti-vaxers are circling the wagons and I can hear them now that it is all a conspiracy. They are right, a conspiracy on their part to harm children and sow fear. If you sow the wind you'll reap the whirlwind.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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