Saturday, January 8, 2011

Minot Paper and Aloe Cure for Stomach

Friday the paper published a ad for "Science Unveils New Aloe Cure for Stomach and Digestion Problems". It looks and sounds very similar to previous ads that the paper has published for vertigo, and other scams. It has a picture of a Dr. Santiago Rodriquez PhD a "world famous research chemist" and has other sciency words and phrases in it. The so called cocktail delivers instant relief for heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, gas bloating, diarrhea, and other stomach nightmares according to their ad. This miracle cure is called Aloecure. The interesting thing about this ad it has names we have heard before like Francisco DeWeever and Liza Leal who all praise this as a break through. One is called a certified Nutritional Microscopist, is a bogus title as there is no such thing in real scientific medicine. It has anecdotes from satisfied customers. Remember the plural of anecdotes is not evidence. They also make the same pitch of try it now 100% risk free with an order of 6 free bottles plus two free ones with every order. But hurry this is special. Yup it is special kind of baloney. No data, no place to go look at independent verifiable evidence. The sad thing is that many years ago I had a patient who had rectal cancer and refused surgery and treatment because someone sold him a magic cure using Aloe and he used it. He died, but he probably had the silkiest bowels of a corpse ever. Think about it.
Skeptical DoDo


Francisco DeWeever said...

Dear Skeptical DoDo,

I was only told about your post a few hours ago.
To make a long story short, orthodox and alternative disciplines are meant to complement each other. I was a "guinea pig" for over 12 years with a so called incurable disease and took, according to me, every BIG PHARMA MEDS. prescribed. Nothing worked positively except the ever increasing side effects that BIG PHARMA promotes and that people like doctors prescribed. I moved away from the orthodox system and am now completely healed from my "incurable" dis-ease.
As for my profession, look it up
One day you'll turn to us since you cannot make any claims at CURING any disease. I have, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Francisco DeWeever, C.N.M.

skeptical dodo said...

I am sorry, but without more information on what diagnosis you had, what tests were done and their results, I can offer no comment on your illness, if you really had one. You villianize Big Pharma which is the usual attack from alternative med people. Be assured I am no fan of them, but what they do is tested stringently by scientific method. There is nothing like that with your so called cure. As far as incurable diseases being cured there is a lot of stories out there of such things and they are all ancedotes. When investigated they are found to be false, wrong diagnosis or some cases like cancer they do occasionaly go into remission all by themselves. And no you cannot make claims as to curing HIV or cancer without good studies to prove it and I find none in the literature, unless you think the whole medical establishment is in a conspiracy to cover it up. Which is also a claim made by alternative medicine people. Doctors work to put themselves out of business. You need to go to science based medicine to see the work of real docs and the exposer of alt med claims and what real science is like. So I stand by what I blogged about. Skeptical DoDo

Francisco DeWeever said...

I too am sorry that there IS indeed a conspiracy going on with BIG PHARMA. The first time I attemtepted to register my cure for HIV/AIDS, BIG PHARMA blocked it (via their well paid lobbyists).
Curious enough, after that they wanted my formula. Nonetheless, you have your own mindset (and so did me EX-DOCTOR)about alternative disciplines. So instead of playing ping pong with this, you do your thing and I'll do mine. You and BIG PHARMA can continue to overmedicate the ignorant/SCEPTICAL masses.
Do enjoy your full of side effects and scientifically-charged life.

P.S. My ex-doctor (I "fired" him 12 yrs ago) is now reffering his "incurable" patients, including his staff, to my practice.

EX-guinea pig,


skeptical dodo said...

I am too sorry for your belief that there is a conspiracy. There is none. In science one another looks at each others work to check data, methodology and then on purpose to try and punch holes in it. If the data is good, the methodology is sound and no flaws can be found then the theory or discovery is accepted into the knowledge base. You are making up the whole idea of lobbyist blocking your idea. Most of what you said is made up, if not prove it. That is all science says, prove it to the satisfaction of outside scientists. Most work done on new meds in done in university with the help of govenment and private grants. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions every year looking for new drugs and less than 1% reach the market. Also the pharmaceutical companies are the ones making the alternative drugs, and the like because they don't have the rigorous testing required by the govenrment as to effectiveness and safety that real medicines have to pass. Once a drug is allowed into the market it is followed for possible side effects and if need be is pulled form the market. No such thing occurs for alt meds. The reason one doesn't hear about the failures in the alt med is those people are dead if they had serious diseases. So you need to go investigate for yourself and forget the sources that are biases for the alt med as you obviously push. In short you are wrong and I still stand by my post, until proven wrong, which you haven't done. So you are left with ad hominen attacks, unproven claims, unfounded beliefs, biases and the like.

Francisco said...

Like I said before, you do your thing, and I'll do mine.

Have a great NOT-CAN-CURE-ANYTHING-BIG-PHARMA-LIFE-FULL-OF-SIDE-EFFECTS. Too bad you don't mention how many ignorant and innocent people die each year at the expense of your experiments.

And by the way, the "scientific" proof is my patients.
I really pity your ignorance.

skeptical dodo said...

You make claim that your proof is your patients. That is typical of alt med woo merchants. No that is not proof. The plural of ancedotes is not evidence. As I explained in previous comment how and what proof is and if you are a real scientist you would have known that. The failures of alt med therapy are dead and cannot report your failures. I am not the one who is ignorant. You go on with your beliefs and sell your snake oil and continue to do more harm than good. We are done.

skeptical dodo said...

For those following this. I refer you to the site "Whats the harm", that researches and has actual cases of harm done to people by alt med merchants. It shows people damaged, injured, money taken, and deaths by the likes of people selling unscientific products. This is criminal and they should be prosecuted. They will not stop as they make money. They ignore their own products as causing harm, as opposed to legitimate products and health providers that monitor side effects and alter their procedures or products in case. The history of alt med is that they do not. For the most part they lie and swindle all the while saying that traditional medicine causes harm. This is a smoke screen to baffle and befuddle the innocent niave. Be ware.