Thursday, February 3, 2011

Darwin Day at MSU

It is going to be a great event at MSU next week. I encourage all that can participate to do so. Neil Shubin the author of "Your Inner Fish" will be giving a talk there. Check with MSU for date and time. For those that don't know Dr. Shubin is the discoverer of Tiktdalik the transitional fossil between fish and amphibians in 2006. He tells the story of evolution by tracing organs in humans back to our fish ancestors. It gives us insights as to why the recurrent laryngeal nerve dips down into the chest and then goes back up the neck to the larynx, instead of going straight from the CNS to that organ, like a designer would do. He examines the DNA and finds that fish are our cousins. It is a delightful read, but in places can be tedious for the non scientist. So I recommend seeing him next week at MSU during Darwin Days. I wonder if the members of the God Squad will be there to shower us and him with worn out stupid reasons for creation like they were at PZ Myers talk couple years ago. Look up MSU and find the date and time. As I know more you will also.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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