Sunday, April 10, 2011


We went and saw Paul last night at the movies. It is a comedy about two English guys in the U.S. going to Comicecon and then planning a tour of the states visiting UFO sites. It is rated R and for good reason. But in the face of UFO believers I expected, it was wonderful farce of UFOology with cameo shots of some stars of other alien movies, such as Sigorny Weaver in the last scene. But the greatest part was the scientific view it took and promoted evolution over religion, particularly Christian gun toting fundamentalism. A father of that ilk has a daughter who has an condition that is cured by Paul and she asks how. He responds "thats evolution baby." She becomes a believer in evolution and thank him in the end for setting her free, while her father thinks it is all miracles. It is a very entertaining show with all kinds of metaphors, and snipes of other shows and ideas in the past. Go see if you want to have a good time, but be careful of the language as it does get a little course. Also see it before the owners of the theater and other types in town get wind of it being "anti christian". Peace Skeptical DoDo

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