Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chiropractors and Minot Daily News

In the Sunday paper a whole section on chiropractors "offering variety of techniques for wider range of health issues." Article is written by Jill Schramm and is full of blatant misinformation and false hoods. One of the catch words is holistic medicine and is a red flag saying they are selling hype for money. The other is that many studies show how effective chiropractic is. The studies are anecdotal and appear only in the chiropractic literature. Studies in real scientific papers and journals show that chiropractic is no more effective than placebo. It is not cost effective because it doesn't do anything. Then it mentions Amy Borgen using acupuncture. Yes it works well with chiropractic because it like chiropractic is no more effective than chiropractic, it is all placebo. One must always remember that the pleural of anecdote is not evidence. The Graston technique at this point I do not know much about and will research. If you have real questions about health and useful source on the Internet is Science Based Medicine, not the Minot Daily News. Saying a lot of people use some treatment or believe in some energy medicine or religion, doesn't mean it is true. It just means they have faith and faith is believing in something without evidence. Peace Skeptical DoDo

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