Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wakefield Strikes Again

There was an out break of measles in Hennepin County Minnesota. 15 confirmed cases with 12 linked to a case from Kenya, 1 acquired in Florida and one in India. Age range is from 4 months to 51 years with 5 cases being too young to have received the vaccine, 6 were of age but did not receive the vaccine, one was vaccinated and 3 others of unknown status. Eight hospitalizations, but no deaths. There have been 2 exposures in North Dakota, but no reported cases. There have been no cases of measles in North Dakota since 1987. The clinical definition of meases is generalized red flat rash lasting 3 days or more. Temperature of 101 or greater with cough, coryza and or conjunctivitis. A major problem is that most young docs have never seen this disease and therefore may not recognize it. It is no learned that Operation Generation Rescue, a anti-vax movement, brought Andrew Wakefield to Minneapolis to talk to immigrant Somoli in a closed door to the press meeting. It is now know he discouraged vaccination of those people. The Minnesota health department has squarily put the blame on this outbreak of measles on Andrew Wakefields shoulders as where it should be. He has no remorse and lives in a delusional world and still sows disease with every breath. He and the anti vaxers have not or will not learn anything, because they cannot, it puts there beliefs at risk if they accept they are wrong.

Peace Skeptical DoDo

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