Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Response to Rick Berg Letter

Dear Congressman;
Thank you very much for your letter of June 9 2011. We are a little busy right now with the Souris River threatening to flood with new historic highs. Mandatory evacuations are ongoing again after just 2-3 weeks after the last one.
I am opposed to abortion too, but in certain circumstances I think it is justified and ethical. However, I do not know if you know what the consequences of totally banning the practice. It was outlawed in this country from the late 1800's to 1973. In one study done in 1932 it was estimated that illegal abortions or complications from them caused 15,000 deaths per year. When something is made illegal, it generally goes underground and we feel the consequences. We have precedent with era of alcohol prohibition. The World Health Organization has data from a study in 2004 to that this is what happens. Other countries that have made abortion illegal, such Chile, El Salvador and Malta, showed that the number of illegal abortions skyrocketed along with the death rate. Remember, the total population of the United States was between 130 and 140 million. Making it illegal doesn't mean it will not happen. What will happen is the number of deaths and the toll on the health care system will become a problem, because we in the health care field will have to clean up the mess of untrained abortionists. The cost will be more, which means the total cost to an already too expensive health care system will be exorbitant. And probably and likely insurance will not pay, so the tax payer will have to bear the burden. So just remember if one wants to do something, one must look at the consequences, both short term and long term.
I am going to publish your very kind letter to me on my blog to inform others as I think it needs to be known.
I did not mention in the letter that Planned parenthood spends 99% of its resources on preventative care and less than 1% on abortions. I doubt that this will make any dent in him as he is an ideologue and beliefs are hard to change, even if they are shown and demonstrated to be wrong. I am afraid that we are heading into the abyss of a theocracy.
Skeptical DoDo

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