Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dangerous to Go Back Into the Flood Zone

Recently a friend went into the flood zone to help a person staying with them see her house. Couple zones the city is allowing people back in. There slimy muck on the ground, the smell is terrible and smoke alarms are going off all over. Sort of sounds like 911 with the person location beacons going off that firefighters wore after the collapse of the towers. There is garbage, pieces of boards with nails sticking up and she stepped on one. It went through her shoe into her foot, necessitating a tetanus shot and evaluation and treatment by a doc. It looks like a war zone, a wet soggy war zone, but a war zone nonetheless in those areas. So when you go back in watch where you step. We drove up Broadway after getting off covering the north hill ER and the 25 foot dikes are impressive. The good news is that the railroad tracks are again visible. The waters are receding and now recovery begins. It will be a long and difficult task. Not all the homes and business will be able to be rebuilt, but most will. Problem is not enough construction companies and workers in town and no place to house them along with the homeless from the flood. But as they say only the best come north and the hardy people of Minot will survive and flourish.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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