Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FEMA Scams

FEMA is busy taking applications and starting to hand out money. The money is primarily to pay for rent. One point if you have a FEMA rep contact you and you have already registered. That FEMA rep will be legit if he/she knows your registration number without you telling him or her. Also, another point if you are staying with friends or family and you get rent money from FEMA to pay them, which is nice, one thing to consider is that the people you are staying with will now have to pay tax on that money you paid them as income. Also, if you don't use that money to pay rent and you say you do, you may be committing a crime of fraud. So you have to use the money the way you are saying you have. Some people taking in boarders of the victims of the flood don't want the money as they feel that it is their obligation to help others in need. So that poses a interesting problem for the victims who are receiving the money from FEMA for rent and the people who the money should go to paying for services of lodgings don't accept it, then what do you do if you are that victim? Give it back?
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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