Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting Developments

In some ways it is amusing to watch the current happenings in government. It can also be very depressing. First, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas not too long ago had a state day of prayer to end the drought. The drought only got bigger. We are having records droughts, snows, floods etc. All of these have been forcasted by the climatologists. With climate change we have more extremes in weather. But the deniers still say no and will until they die from climate change. There reason is political and economic, theirs. Then to watch the Republicans drawing a line in the sand for no new taxes and refusing to compromise. When and if the government defaults on its loans because of the prinicipal of no new taxes for the rich and big cuts for everyone else what will happen. We will see the biggest economic problem since the great depression. I predict it will come back to bite the Republicans on the posterior. All of this is idealogy only. And selfish idealogy that is wrapped up in the red, white and blue of patriotism. It isn't patriotism is is pure selfish ideology. What is patriotic is compromise. We have become so tribal in our natures, the us versus them ideation that it threatens our very republic. No decisions made on evidence and logic, but based on ideology and selfish idea of I want to keep everything of mine and not help the other guy out. What else is funny is to see Rupert Murdoch catching the proverbal flames from hades for the scandel in the U. K. And it is looking as the samething will go here in the U.S. So much for the faithful, virtuous republican big business interests. Can anyone say irony. It is fun to watch, but the consequences of these idiots is going to be all of us suffering due to their ideological virtues. I hope I am wrong.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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