Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tooth Fairy Tale

A little enterprising little boy like getting quarters for each and every tooth he put under his pillow. He wanted more so he could buy stuff that was offered in the back of comic books, like x-ray glasses, magic tricks etc. Living on a farm he thought of a source of more teeth to put under his pillow. He knew where an old cow skull lay with gleaming white teeth. He ran out and went to the place of the cow skull and proceeded to bash the teeth out. He gathered them all up and went home with a smug smile upon his face. He was going to get rich and be able to buy all the things he wanted from the back of his comic books in the product sections. He believed in the tooth fairy and she would give him what he needed most to obtain more stuff and power. He placed the cow teeth under his pillow, before he went to bed that night. Excited the next morning he awake found no money. The old cow teeth were in the garbage. He went crying to his mother that the tooth fairy let him down. His mother gathered him up on her lap and with only the soothing voice that a mother has said; "Dear little one, the tooth fairy is make believe and your father and I put the quarters under you pillow for the teeth you loose as a reward for your good behavior in allowing us to pull those loose teeth. We cannot afford all the cost you were asking for by offering old cow teeth. We did not intend the reward for you go so far as cause you to sacrifice others or your innocent belief in the tooth fairy. I am sorry that your belief has caused you pain, guilt and embarrassment. But you are growing up and should know the truth when the belief causes problems."
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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