Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway Attacks

I have been to Oslo as well as other Scandinavian countries. They are most happy and peaceful people I have ever had the privilege to meet. So I am proud to call myself a descendant of Scandinavia. The shooting and bomb blast in Oslo and the little island out side of Oslo comes as a shock. The worst is that the island is used as a retreat by a political party in Norway, the dominant one since world war 2. The shooter was going after children. The back ground is that this sick person was a right wing Christian fundamentalist. The bombing is also connected to this group, not islamists. This only underscores that religion and fundamentalist ideology in any guise is dangerous. Do we need any more examples? I know the religious people among us with spin it as nut, which he was (but influenced by an ideology), isolated instance, it is not what about McVey and bombing in Oklahoma city a few years ago among others, and then blame is on the ruling socialist party. I suspect this is what Fox News will do also. Our hearts go out to Norway and we are in solidarity with them even though we recover from our own disaster here with the flood. Which is the greater? Floods are natural occurrences and cannot be stopped, the killing in Norway and other places are the work of warped human beings and should be.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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midera said...

I agree with you that the tragedy in Norway comes as a shock. The news reports him as a right wing Christian fundamentalist, however what does that mean? I have never really pondered or studied that term. Does that mean, inherent in the term, "right wing Christian fundamentalist", is the commandment to kill others and bring about chaos and destruction? I just kind of always figured any type of "fundamentalist" meant one who took the Bible, or other aspects of it, literally, to the Nth degree, yet I am not familiar with any book or verse that tells a Christian to go out and create chaos. I have to admit in the old testament there are stories in which God told a follower to kill other(s).
What ideology are you hinting at which he is influenced by? Your sentence rambles on, grammatically incorrect and with incomplete thought, that it is not clear as to conclude what you believe Fox News will claim. Perhaps "warped human beings" are a natural disaster also.
Also being of Scandinavian, and dare I say it, German, descent, I can only hope that there are no more natural disasters within my genes.