Monday, July 25, 2011

Follow Up on Norway Killings

With more information coming out about the killer in Norway, one thing is certain, he addressed it in a long manifesto of stopping multiculturalism and specifically Islam from taking over Europe. I think this underlines a truism in our world. When one culture or religion appears to be over shadowing another a reaction, sometimes violent, is triggered in the receiving culture or religion. The problem is trying to decide what is, or which is the, the aggressor culture or religion. The killer in Norway only a manifestation of that truism. Maybe the reaction of Islam in middle east is also a manifestation of that phenomenon. Does this mean that all cultures and religions should be separated? Or does this mean that the problem is with the culture or religions themselves. We have many examples in history and one does not have to look very far. And one neither has to try and decide which or who is the victim, as both cultures/religions like to claim that distinction and therefore the justification for their actions.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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