Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sparring Continues in Congress

The battle of words, threats, and just playing like children continues in DC. I started thinking that after August 2, if no deal is reached, and the US credit rating goes into the trash, which will start another economic downturn that maybe enough is enough. Maybe there should be a call and done at the grass roots level a general recall election for all the politicians in the federal government and maybe some state governments. Then I propose that all politicians are given equal amounts of money, depending on the office they are seeking, from the government to spend on campaigns. No donations from corporations or individuals to individual politicians will be allowed. They can donate to the general fund that bankrolls all politician. This would level the playing field in elections, making the average person on the street eligible and able to fund a campaign. It would eliminate the corruption that goes with satisfying big donors of election campaigns. What is needed is people who are willing to serve to serve only the country and the people of the country and not themselves. Some European countries already do this, so there is a precedent. The biggest problem with this proposal is that the rich and corporations will not like it and will spend huge sums to make it look socialistic and any other word that they can think up as synonyms for evil and unamerican. The people being people are by nature greedy and will take the money from the corporations and the rich, thinking that they will become rich. It is a nice thought anyway.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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