Monday, August 15, 2011


I just finished watching the Science Channel show Curiosity. This was about did God create the universe. It had Stephen Hawking on and talking about his book that created quite a stir. I have the book and read it. It is very interesting and goes through the history of science with all the discoveries made until now. Stephen says there is no God, because before the big bang there was no time for a being to exist in. Couple interesting points, there are some competing hypothesis that we live in a multi verse or just one of an infinite number of universes. With that number then the statistical odds of universes existing with the right fundamental constants for like and intelligent life to exist does. There is also a current idea and it is being tested now that if there are multi verses, maybe they occasionally bump into one another. This could live clues by leaving patterns in the background cosmic radiation. So some scientists using the one of the new high resolution space telescopes are looking for those patterns. They are using sophisticated computer programs to make sure we are not seeing patterns that are really not there. So far no results, but a fascinating idea to test a hypothesis and if found true would revolutionize the way we think of the world around us and ourselves.
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