Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Politcal Disaster

Ever sense a political disaster ripining for the picking? On a recent news show I saw that over 80% of voters are just fed up with the incompetence in Washington, both parties. The rise of the dominianist with the likes of Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman are lending emphasis to the complete descent into wachaloonville of the Republican party with its marriage to fundamentalist Christians. Not to mention the fact that fundamentalist Christians are not even that, they have spun the Christian religion akin to fascist ideaology. Obama's ratings are low because he is seen as cowering to the right and overcompromising in the direction of the right, when the right refuses any compromise. The financial forcast for the country is far from rosey, in fact it is down right ugly. The average american no longer questions his news station, ie Fox, or his leaders but blindly follows like a leming heading for the cliff. Even so called intelligent people, like some doctors I know, state that they watch Fox and agree with it. And when pushed about questioning it they don't. Two wars, jobs being shipped overseas, the religious right looking for power in politics, media, education, industry, and three more of the so called seven hills that they want to take over so the second coming can happen, is just scary. Not for the second coming, but because religious, nonscientific radical fascist views are becoming the norm. What is an intelligent person to do?
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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