Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steve Jobs

Walther Isaacson said on the news tonight that Steve Jobs only regret was that he did not have the surgery for his tumor when advised. When he was diagnosed with the insulinoma the tumor was localized and essentially curable. He tried diet, herbs, spiritualism etc, before realizing that none of that was working had surgery. When he had the surgery the tumor had spread. Here is reality! Nature, reality, doesn't care what you believe, think, wish or your ideology is, she will have her way no matter what. So we had better learn about reality and work with her not against her. A lot of his friends told him to have the surgery, but his views about going against the stream, did not work in this case. IN fact he a lot of quacks telling him to do these therapies. No we do not have separate realities, we may experience the reality differently, but the reality we all experience is the same. The only way of understanding it is through the methods of science. It will be fun to see what the CAM quacks spin on this.
Skeptical DoDo

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