Friday, October 28, 2011

Letter to North Dakota Senator and Congressman

The following is from a letter I sent to Senator Hoeven and Congressman Berg. I sent a book as indicated in the letter as a gift and an article about Perry purposely changing numbers in a report on climate by Texas scientists. The scientist withdrew their names from the report that was 200 pages long. Also I sent a copy of the report that was funded by the Koch brothers that global warming is real. It will be interesting to see if I get a response.
Dear Senator
accept the enclosed book as a gift. I
think you will find it very informative and interesting. One of the things that worry me the most is
the rejection of science and science education in our society in favor of
pseudoscience. This will have very grave
consequences in the future. Over 60% of
the current jobs available worldwide are based on science and technology and
that percentage is predicted to grow.
Such things as energy, ecology, medicine (which includes the modern synthesis
of evolution and genetics) and technology are only some of the areas that
directly affect all of us now.
is not democratic and she cares not what you or I think, believe or what our
ideology is. She will do as she does
despite us. We ignore her at only at our
own peril. You as a leader in the state
and nation have an obligation to not only yourself, but to your family and most
of all to your constituency to make laws that take into the account nature’s
unforgiving proclivities. You and I, if
we ignore them may not be harmed by them now or say 10 years in the future, but
what about our children, grandchildren and all the rest of the following
example of science denialism is what I am sure you remember as the “Climategate”
2009 scandal. It involved backers and
funding from sources that backed organizations lobbying against action on
climate change, such as the Koch brothers who are billionaire industrialists
that own and operate large coal fired power plants among other interests. They mislead the media and public as to the
reality of the UK climatologist’s research etc. They then funded the Berkeley group founded by
physics professor Richard Muller. He
gathered a team of ten real scientists including Nobel Physics Prize winner
Saul Perlmutter to test the findings of the climate scientists. The Berkeley Earth Study group concluded that
global warming is real! For more
information go to
courageous person is one who is willing to chance having his or her mind
changed when looking at the other side’s evidence or data. A courageous person also follows the
evidence/data, even if it leads to areas that one doesn’t like.
Best Regards

Skeptical DoDo

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