Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aloe Vera Advertisement in Minot Daily Again.

There was an article in the Minot Daily on November 21, extolling the the virtues of AloeCure by a person that supposedly found a miracle cure in the product and forgoing other medical treatments. This one was for Heart Burn. The whole article looks suspiciously like an article I blogged about earlier that also said aloe would cure or prevent cancer with a host of other illness. The similarity is that it was an vet who discovered this himself. The medical/pharma complex was putting him down because of the money they wanted to make over him. Also saying that the PPIs used to treat heartburn is unsafe because of increase risk of fractures. The individual even has a picture of himself by AloeCure. Says it was clinically tested. Usually that means they gave it to their friends to try. Any medicine can have side effects, even plain water and oxygen. When the absolute numbers of side effects of PPIs are looked at they are so small as to be almost microscopic. Now what are the side effects of ingesting aloe? I will list them; bloody diarrhea, cramps, decrease absorption of other meds, loss of vision, muscle weakness, vomiting, swelling, sodium and potassium imbalance, liver failure, kidney failure, premature birth or miscarriage and if you have allergies to plants from the Liliacae family (garlic, onions, tulips) you may have an allergic reaction to aloe. Also, 1 year of repeated ingestion of aloe increased the risk of colorectal cancer. When I was in private practice I had a patient that died of colon cancer because he believed that the Aloe he was drinking would cure him.
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