Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Passes

The Hitch, Christopher Hitchens died at MD Anderson, from his esophageal cancer, diagnosed one and half years ago. His wit, candor and humor will be sorely missed. I met him once at a meeting in Washington DC in 2007. He was a truly the every persons genius. He would go have a drink with you and shoot the bull. I loved watching his debates and his commentaries on TV and Youtube. He would tolerate no bull and quickly cut to meat of the matter and state his position in an elegant and precise English, that I only wish that I could I have. He was feared among the religious, because he gave no quarter and expected none. He along with Dawkins, Harris and Dennett became the Four Horsemen, and as such propheted the demise of our childish notions of religion. A movement that has been gaining momentum world wide. He was a true humanitarian and fought for equal rights and fair play in a world dominated by religion and therefore rarely if ever grants them. His vices of smoking and alcohol contributed to his disease and early demise and therefore should be a warning to us all, but only a few will heed. He will truly be missed. Rest easy Hitch.
Skeptical DoDo

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