Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faith Panel Meeting

The Faith Panel Meeting had 22 participants. A Lutheran pastor spoke for the christians, a muslim spoke about islam, a hindu spoke about hinduism and an atheist spoke about atheism. Each was given a maximum of 20 minutes to present and then a Q&A followed. Some new faces mixed with old faces. Lively, but cordial discussions were had, moderated by me. We sold some t-shirts and cups and made enough to pay for the cost of making them. Now all will be profit that we can put into new items and hopefully pay to bring more speakers in. Hopefully all came away with an idea that each faith or lack thereof does not constitute monsters that will eat their young. No attempt was made to win converts and any preaching was stifled. All in all I believe it was an excellent session. Ideas for new topics were discussed. Our next meeting will be in September and will be presented by a pediatrician talking about vaccines. Date will be announced. Then on October 5 PZ Meyers from the U. of Minn. at Morris will present on evolutionary denialism. To all the participants thank you very much.
Skeptical DoDo

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