Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skipping Through the Yellow Pages

I was curious and decided how many alternative health "professionals" we have advertised in Minot. So I decided to go through the yellow pages of our local phone book and make a tally, these are of listings either individuals or groups. We have one accupuncturatist (who is also a chiropractor). We have 38 chiropractors in town, must be a lot of sore backs and necks. 12 health and diet stores, some in our major malls. 21 massage therapists. For my money I would rather go to a good looking massage therapist than a chiropractor, but that is my opinion. One physician who advertises allergies, chelation, longevity and joints. 2 psychics were found, they must be very lonely or they can get the vibes of others in the force. 19 tanning salons or sellers thereof. I included tanning salons as they have been shown to increase the incidence of skin cancer. I have yet to make any interpretation of this data. I found no naturopaths or practitioners of crystal therapy. So maybe Minot is just a little nuts and hasn't gone into woo in such a big way yet. Or maybe we in Minot just have fringes and most are fairly well grounded. I think I will do one on religious institutions in the future and it may be fun to compare and contrast. Just a reminder of our MEETING TONIGHT AT THE PUBLIC LIBRARY AT 7 PM THE FAITH PANEL. See you there.
Skeptical DoDo

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